Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Latest Connecticut Snow Storm

I took a few pictures today of the latest dump of snow here at Maple View Farm.  This is the back door which gets shoveled everytime there's snow, and how do I know this?  Because I am the shoveler!  But anyway this gives you an idea how deep it is.  It is now mid thigh at the lowest point.
This picture just gives you an idea how high it is next to my car and the snow in the yard isn't much below this.  From this point in the driveway you can't see the road.

These are some of the piles.  Look at it compared to the dumpster on the left which is chest high.

Here's another path which gets shoveled everytime (I was taking a break to take pictures).  You know it has snowed too much when the dogs are getting used to doing their thing in the driveway because there is no where else.

The playground is almost completely covered.  The swings are anyway.

I just thought this was a good picture because of the bowl shape next to the barn that the wind made.  All virgin snow.

Shoveling is getting to be the weekly thing to do on Tues, Wed, and Thursdays.  There's always the bright side, at least this isn't the year I broke my arm which was January also.

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