Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kansas Family Vacation Nostalgia Trip

Here's alittle bit about my nostalgia trip I took on this vacation to Kansas.  I love history, any history and just tend to soak it all up.  So we went to the Haun Museum in Jetmore Kansas which is the former home and office of my Great-Great- Grandfather.  We got to visit the relatives (in pictures).  As many times as I have been to Kansas over the years, I have never been to the museum or even known that it existed until more recent years.  The above picture is of my 3 times Great- Grandfather Wm. Haun.

This next set of pictures of his son T. S. Haun which would be my Grandfathers Grandfather
of whom he talked about fondly and was named after.  My Grandfathers mother is the young girl in the middle picture on the bottom.

This picture above is of his mothers sister Aunt Maggie.  From what I heard at the museum she would much rather drive or ride a horse than a car back in the day.

This picture is of her husband Len Raiser and their  home on the prairie.

This is Aunt Maggie in later years.  Although I do not remember her, she was still live when I was a little one.  I don't know about you but I just find it fascinating that I could have know someone born in the 1800's.


This is the museum and their first house in Jetmore.  They live in one room with 4 children, ran a law office,  There was a printing press and town meeetings, court all in this tiny building.  The inside walls are still original to when they lived in it.  It is nothing fancy, just sheets of wood.  The outside is lime stone which was common in this part of Kansas.

The museum acquired the building next door to expand their museum.  My family was one of the first settlers to this small town of Jetmore which is the County Seat.

I will have part two of the nostalgia trip in my next posting.

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