Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Part 2 of the Nostalgia Trip

So to continue - this is the stone house the Haun's build after living in town.  They still kept the town building but it was stricktly used for offices at this point on.  In it's day this was probably a really nice house but it is now abandoned.  From what the historical docents told us,  Stone masons came from Kentucky to make this house.  All the limestone came from the area, and it was all built by hand.  Except for the wood roof the stone building itself is still in pretty good shape.

As you can see there was a wooden wing.  I'm guessing it might have been a kitchen that was added on but I'm not really sure.  There is actually a wooden porch there also but the trees cover it up.

This is part of the old barn which was built into the hill  about half the roof is still on it barely.  Must have been cool in the summer since it was built of lime stone.

Here is the other half that is in worse shape I'm afraid.  Abby and the nice historical docent are in the picture.  I want to thank Mary Ford for taking us out here.
 The opposite side.

Here is the little porch off the wooden wing of the house.

I tried to take pictures of the inside.  It's such a shame.  It was actually fairly modern for its day.  The windows were broken so I got a clear shot.  I was hoping I didn't run into any critters while snooping

Here is a lime stone fence post with the barbed wire.  This is pretty common in this area.  They say one of these is apron. 300 pounds.

These are some shots from the cemetery over looking the land that was once owned by the Hauns.  Wide open Prairies.  The house is somewhere in those trees in the bottom picture.  Even though I never met these Great-Great Grandparents, it still makes one feel a little closer to see how they once lived.

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